History – innovative by tradition

Wohlrab was founded in 1976 by Johann K. Wohlrab as an engineering company for special-purpose machinery. The job coating developed from these activities. In 1999 his son Christian Wohlrab joined the management and continued to expand. As of 2011 Wohlrab has also been active in the Asian market.


2017 Expansion of the optical coating facilities
2016 Injection moulding facility established in Indonesia in cooperation with toolcraft AG
2015 Foundation of Toolcraft Wohlrab Technologies Pte. Ltd. in Singapore
2015 ISO 9001 quality matrix certifications are extended to all Asian locations (matrix certification according to ISO 9001:2008)
2014 Expansion of the production area by a further 1500 m2 in Langenzenn
2012 Foundation of PT Wohlrab Indonesia as a manufacturing location
2011 Foundation of Wohlrab Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore
2007 Dr. Vesselka Koleva joins the management board
2005 Introduction and continuous expansion of the quality and environmental management systems
2000 Production and storage areas are extended by a further 1500 m2
1999 Change of the corporate/legal form to Wohlrab Aufdampftechnik GmbH. Christian Wohlrab joins the management board
1996 Development of process and equipment for the EMC protection of Nokia cell phones
1980 Opening of the job coating facility as an addition to special-purpose machinery
1976 Foundation of the special-purpose-machinery engineering company by Johann K. Wohlrab, later to be renamed as Wohlrab Hochvakuummetallisieranstalt