Hightech from Langenzenn

Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Langenzenn, Germany, Wohlrab accommodates several industries such as medical, automotive, optical, electronics and sensors. Decades of experience in coating technology and the continuous investment in state-of-the-art equipment allow us to push the boundaries of coating technologies further and further.

Apart from PVD and PECVD coatings, Wohlrab offers sophisticated robotic painting with connected dust-free chambers, pad printing with up to six colours, nano-coatings and plasma treatment. A particular strength is in surface treatments for hearing aids, where we supply many renowned leading global manufacturers. A broad spectrum of highly advanced technical methods & coating solutions allows us to fulfil a wide range of customer requirements, for instance, functional and or decorative enhancement of a component or improved economic viability & sustainability. With production in Europe and Asia, we expedite deliveries worldwide and ensure global competitiveness.

Facts and Figures

3 Locations

Langenzenn (DE)
Singapur (SG)
Batam (ID)




Family-owned business
Second generation

20 Million

EUR annual turnover

Senior Management Board

Christian Wohlrab

Owner and Chairman of the Board
Wohlrab Group

Harri Leppänen

CEO Wohlrab Group

Dr. Sandra Wohlrab

CFO Wohlrab Group

Michael Becker

Managing Director Wohlrab Asia

Karin Wohlrab

Finance Director Wohlrab Asia

State-of-the-art equipment for high-quality coatings and quality control.

Cooperation with toolcraft AG

toolcraft is a pioneer of forward-looking technologies, such as additive manufacturing and the construction of customised turnkey robotics solutions. As a provider of comprehensive solutions, toolcraft covers the entire process chain, from the initial idea to manufacturing, quality assurance and testing in the areas of CNC machining, additive manufacturing, injection moulding, spark erosion (EDM) and mould making. Its clients include market leaders in the semiconductors, aerospace, medical technology, optical, special machinery manufacturing, motor sports and automotive industries.

Learn more about the cooperation between toolcraft and Wohlrab from our joint press release.

Our history

Wohlrab is a family-owned business for more than 40 years, binding tradition with innovation.


Corporate philosophy

Shared values and visions define how we do business. Dedication and sustainability are integral parts of our corporate culture.

Corporate philosophy

International locations

Wohlrab‘s presence in Asia goes back to 2011 with the opening of Wohlrab Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore and PT Wohlrab Indonesia in Batam, 2012.



We are very big on environmental protection: building insulation, use of sullage, heat exchangers and photovoltaics.