High quality and functional coatings for the automotive industry

Apart from decorative coatings of automotive interior components our expertise is also in anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings of displays and electromagnetic shielding of housings. Our many years of expertise and comprehensive knowledge make us the ideal and innovative partner for all your coating needs.

Our technical solutions for the automotive industry

  • High precision and reliable reproducibility automated robotic painting
  • Wide variety of paints and varnishes
  • PVD coating
  • Nano coating (similar to PTFE)
  • Pad printing of text and graphics
  • Laser engraving
  • Wohlrab developed, proven masking technique


  • Decorative coating of automotive interior trims
  • Anti-glare coating layers for displays (anti-reflective coatings)
  • Scratch resistant coatings of plastic panes (sol-gel coatings)
  • EMC shielding of housings
  • Reflectors
  • Night/Day design through semi-transparent layers