Corporate philosophy

Wohlrab‘s success started more than four decades ago with Johann K. Wohlrab. Today it is an international company producing high quality coatings. Since the beginning we have kept our feet on the ground. Flat hierarchies enable us to act swiftly and focused. We boast a personal relationship with our customers and staff alike. All this is based on common values and visions, ensuring our customer dedication for years to come.

Power, Passion and Partnership

From ingenious coating solutions to our comprehensive One-Stop-Solution: We employ innovative and state-of-the-art technologies to create coating solutions that go far beyond common market standards - tailored to individual customer requirements, meeting the highest quality standards, and reliable in every way. 

This is important to us:

  • Trusted, long term customer relationships
  • Operative excellence
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Network of long-standing suppliers
  • Access to innovative knowledge and latest technologies
  • State-of the art secure IT infrastructure


Common values are central for us and help to align the objectives of the company and its employees. This ensures that everybody is headed in the same direction.


We are committed to supplying our customers with the best possible solutions by continuously developing and enhancing our products, processes, services and support. Reliability is one of Wohlrab's core values and we take it very seriously. Customer orientation is a given and we always live up to our promises!

Open atmosphere

Our friendly, open working atmosphere fosters communication, creativity and motivation. Mutual respect, fairness and honesty strengthens our trust in each other and with our customers likewise.


Our social and environmental responsibility applies globally across all Wohlrab locations. We work and act ethically, adhering to applicable laws, and conserve resources. Find out more below:

Wohlrab‘s code of conduct

Wohlrab's code of conduct (ind)

Our environmental policy

Statement on conflict minerals