Measurement and validation methods – meticulous quality control for high quality products

Customer satisfaction and top quality is our utmost priority. Therefore, various quality control and inspection means are integrated into our processes at the various stages of manufacturing.

Equipment and methods

  • Cross-cut test
  • Test chambers for climatic, temperature change and long term storage tests
  • Eddy current coating thickness measurement
  • Microtome cutter
  • Profilometer
  • Four-wire resistance measurement
  • 3 axis non-contact video measurement system
  • PerkinElmer LAMBDA 950 scanning spectrometer UV/Vis/NIR (175 - 3300 nm) with accessories:
    • Standard - for transmittance measurements,
    • 150 mm integration sphere - for transmittance, reflection (8°) and scattered light measurements,
    • URA - for angle-dependent reflection measurements;
  • Gloss meter (20°/60°/90°)
  • Stereo microscope (e.g. Leica M250D) and miscellaneous microscopes
  • Luminance and luminous intensity meters
  • Ericson hardness tester
  • Polariscope
  • Substance testing e.g. artificial sweat test