Wohlrab coating technology - unique and versatile beyond comparison

Conductive or insulating, highly reflective, scratch resistant, biocompatible… and of course economical and durable: Application requirements on coatings are so diverse that there is no such thing as a „one for all“ technology. Wohlrab‘s comprehensive surface treatment portfolio will satisfy your every need - tailored to your specific coating task.

Coating technology

Apart from PVD and PECVD coatings, Wohlrab offers automated robotic painting with connected dust-free chambers, pad printing with up to six colours, nano coatings and plasma treatment. Special coatings for optical and sensor applications as well as biocompatible coatings for the medical field round off our extensive range of surface enhancements. Wohlrab offers two different PVD processes: thermal evaporation and sputtering. That gives you a free hand in designing, and flexibility in selecting the best possible material or combinations thereof for your specific application. And when standard solutions just aren‘t good enough, Wohlrab‘s decades of expertise in the development of coating layers will provide you with the best possible solution for your particular needs. We‘d be delighted to solve your next challenge!

PVD coating

  • PVD coatings on various substrates (plastic, optical glasses, metal, ceramic, etc.)
  • Directly heated (filament, boat) evaporation for metals and alloys
  • Indirectly heated (electron beam) evaporation for refractory metals and reactive processes
  • Sputtering (DC, pulsed)

PECVD coating

  • Diffusion barriers / conformal coatings (SiOx, Parylene)
  • Oil and water repellent layers (similar to PTFE)


  • Automated robotic painting
  • Manual painting
  • Scratch-resistant flow painting
  • Connected dust-free chambers
  • Water and solvent based paints
  • UV painting (Dual Cure)
  • Biocompatible coatings

Pad printing & laser engraving

  • Single-colour precision pad printing
  • Six-colour pad printing for photo-realistic images
  • Ideal for the printing of parts with contours or recesses
  • Short turnaround
  • In-house film and printing plate production
  • Graphical reproduction in CorelDRAW
  • In-house colour mixing
  • Fiber laser

Masked coating

  • Special in-house masking technique tailored to individual customer requirements
  • Based on multiple state-of-the-art technologies (e.g. 3D printing)
  • For accurate and reproducible results
  • Fast and flexible
  • Can also be applied to prototypes and samples

Plasma treatment (in situ/stand alone)

  • Activation of parts
  • Cleaning of parts
  • Etching processes

Plant and fixture technology

Fixtures and masking are individually developed when only defined areas of a product are to be coated, be it for functional or decorative purposes. We boast our own design and manufacturing workshop. Moreover, our processes and equipment can be customized to even very special requirements.

Fixture and mould construction

  • Design and manufacturing of tailored fixtures
  • Design and production of masking
  • In-House design department using Solid Works
  • In-House 3-D prototyping
  • Wohlrab injection moulding in Indonesia
  • Close cooperation with qualified injection moulding suppliers

Plant customization

  • Long standing experience in the design and operation of PVD coating equipment
  • In-House design and manufacturing
  • Continuous enhancement and optimization of our plant processes and technology

Research & Development

The profound experience of 40 years in coatings, together with the knowledge and creativity of our engineers, and the continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology allow us to provide solutions far beyond market standards.

Expertise for tomorrow‘s challenges

Be that the development of coating layers, the combination and/or optimisation of technologies and processes - the comprehensive expertise and decades of experience of our technical staff make us the partner of choice for all aspects of coating technology. We collaborate with a broad R&D network of companies and institutes to stay abreast of state-of-the art technologies and pave the way for tomorrow‘s applications.

Whatever your requirements are - contact us! Consult our developers, physicists and engineers even in the earliest development phase of a project to conduct a feasibility study. On hand of this, we are also in a position to offer alternatives, thereby pointing out your individual benefits. And we‘ll ,hold your hand‘ along the way - until mass production and beyond. Take advantage of our know-how!

Development of coating layers

  • Long standing expertise in coating technology
  • Development, application and combination of coating technologies
  • Advice on choosing the appropriate plastic substrates
  • Comprehensive consulting on all aspects of plastics surface enhancement

State-of-the-art equipment

The innovative spirit of our company is fuelled by the creativity of our staff and the application of state-of-the art equipment. This enables us to exploit the boundaries of coating technology and provide solutions for even the most challenging of surface treatment tasks.

Manufacturing equipment

  • 10 robotic painting stations
  • 13 injection molding machines (Arburg, Fanuc, Engel)
  • 5 PVD coating machines for parts up to 800x1000mm
  • 5 optical PVD coating machines from multiple brands with state-of-the-art control units for best reproducibility
  • 3 sputter machines for mass production
  • 3 parylene coating machines (net and drum coatings) for layers from 5...30 µm
  • Coating machine for nano coatings (similar to PTFE)
  • Multiple coating machines in our layer development lab
  • Multiple plasma treatment machines for the activation and cleaning of parts
  • Multiple 3D printers (HP Jet Fusion 4200, Asiga Pico 2HD, Stratasys Fortus 250mc)
  • Fully automated multi-chamber cleaning system with deionized water rinsing for precision optics

Inspection and measurement equipment:

  • Multiple layer thickness measurement systems, e.g. microtome cutter and profilometer
  • 3 axis non-contact video measurement system
  • 2 Scanning spectrometer UV/Vis/NIR PerkinElmer LAMBDA 1050+ with accessories
  • Stereo microscope and various other microscopes
  • Test chambers for climatic, temperature change and long term storage tests